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Pranic Healing - Wow!

By Roger Fontaine

Pranic Healing. wow! It\'s like connecting to the energy of the universe. And anyone can contact it. All it takes is a weekend of leadership by the gang at the Pranic Healing Association of Manitoba and the willingness to become a better person by beginning to heal oneself.
Then after a little scanning for health aura in oneself and others one becomes amazed to discover that energy flows around the body and projects outwards to join the global and universal energy streams.

Learning to become a better healer. I\'ve been a physical healer for the last eight years as a massage therapist and will now be incorporating the energy healing component into my practice. Asking the spiritual healers for guidance and protection is a necessary adjunct of becoming a more effective healer.

As one becomes more adept at scanning and detecting differences in the health aura and the chakra energy centres emanations one learns how to cleanse the congested or depleted areas of the aura and then energizing the aura to its healthier balanced state. Prana means \"life force\", \"chi\", \"ki\".

There are many values associated with pranic healing. The main ones are sharing love, kindness, mercy, compassion, and divine spiritual healing for those who want it.

This is a mode of healing which accompanies other allopathic or traditional modes of healing. It is used by urologists in California in hospitals as an adjunct when traditional surgeries and medications seem inadequate to resolve healing crises.

Master Chao Kok Sui , modern founder of \'Pranic Healing\', has many books explaining and detailing the different stages of healer development including breathing, meditations, and self-improvement as a healer.

My experience at the basic and intermediate workshop has been to witness the presence of energy fields, actively practice being able to detect auras around the body, scan for differences in strength of fields, and then cleanse and energize the energy chakras with divine healing energy. The modality which Master Choa Kok Sui promotes is called \"external medical chi gong\".

The application of Pranic Healing allows the body to heal itself by removing blockages in energy flows which retard healing. The body has the ablity to heal itself when energy blockages are removed. Positive energy cannot be added to a energy blocked area without previously cleansing the area or chakra of negative or congestive energies. These energies will have been picked up throughout one\'s life from various negative or destructive events in one\'s past. The resulting blockages can be karmic, physical, emotional or mental in nature.

Throughout the workshop I was blessed with healing, emotional release, physical renewal, mental rest, and karmic opportunities for improving myself through increasing my life of service.

The achievement of higher levels of consciousness is a challenge in a world where distractions and the pursuit of material gain sometimes shadows the other pursuits of emotional and spiritual health and abundance.

By giving of oneself to improving the health of others, whether physical, emotional, mental or spiritual, one\'s karma increases in intensity of light and density. The more good one inserts into and onto the earth will diminish the darkness and evil which lives here also. The importance of cleansing oneself from negative energies which cause illness, depression, despair, and sadness, can be removed from the body with Pranic Healing and replaced with joy, hope, love, and wellness.

I invite you to call the Pranic Healing Association of Manitoba to inquire about the next basic pranic healing course.

Nothing invested, nothing gained.

The darkness only exists in the absence of light.

Roger Fontaine is a registered massage therapist who is operating a massage clinic offering therapeutic, rehabilitative, and stress-reduction table massage services and mobile service for chair massage in the workplace for special events, fundraisers, tournaments, celebrations, and any other function which requires a unique special feature. I have been operating at Shapes Fitness Centre at 12-1150 Nairn Avenue in Elmwood Winnipeg since 2004, previously having operated a home residential clinic since 1999.;

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