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Reiki 2 - Healing The Body Mind and Spirit

Reiki 2 is a simple, easy, safe and complete hands on treatment for the spiritual, emotional, mental and physical body. Reiki 2 is energy medicine at its highest and best use. There is also Reiki 1 and Reiki Master Reiki 3! Each level addresses multi level well-being, healing the body mind and spirit.


Reiki 2 therapy is used to create a natural vibrational energy which promotes the healing processes. Reiki 2 is a technique used for pain relief, relaxation, stress reduction, and that promotes healing on all levels.

The energy healing methods of traditional Reiki are said to be over 4000 years old. The science of healing (Reiki) was found in Tibet, as well as India. Dr. Mikao Usui from Japan, rediscovered Reiki in about 1850. Hawayo Takata introduced Reiki into the western world.

All Reiki healing adds energy where the energy is needed and helps restore balance in the body systems, restoring the depleted energies. Reiki an alternative health tool that promotes increased health, well-being, wellness, vitality and longevity. Healing the body mind and spirit through your choice and desire is an act of personal empowerment, and taking that step forward is a healing unto itself.

Author Taylore Vance is a Reiki Master, founder of advance Laser Reiki, teacher, educator, writer and energy healer, offering Lots Reiki Articles and Reiki Experiences. An Energy –Reiki – Healing Center.

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