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The Incredible Cosmic Ordering Process

The Incredible Cosmic Ordering Process


By Anne-Marie Laureaut

Today many people are searching for a way to improve their lives. To live a more fulfilled life, where they are able to have the things they want and enjoy what it is they have. There are many options out there that promise to help you manifest your dreams, but none that work as well as cosmic ordering.

This is actually a practice that is essentially spiritual, but not quite in the religious sense. The core of this method is that you must have the innate belief in yourself that the universe is capable of providing you with whatever you desire from life. You request for something and you shall receive it. This is not essentially a rather saintly process; you need not be enviably pure in order to receive the good things in life! However, being virtuous is a benefit in all walks of life.

Cosmic ordering is simply spiritual manifestation of your dreams and goals. You are going to ask, or as they say order what you want from the universe. This could be anything from a change in your life to a change in circumstances that will lead to you attainment of your \"wants.\"

Dr. Deepak Chopra and Dr. Wayne Dyer opine that to place an order in the universe you must be in an invisible energy field which they call the \'field of intent\'. This field is where our spirit connects with the universe and returns conscious desires.

There is a high probability that cosmic ordering is something you have done without knowing that you are doing it. Think of all the times you have really wanted something and the wish has come true. You probably thought it was a coincidence. But actually it was cosmic ordering at work.

For cosmic ordering to work, you must have the power of intention, that is, you must really believe that what you are asking for is what you deserve.

Merely saying that you want a new car or that you want a promotion is not enough. You must believe deep down in your heart that you deserve them. If you don\'t believe or don\'t put in any effort, in all likelihood you will not be getting them.

Cosmic ordering is really not hard, it is one the easiest processes you can do to change your life. Is there a down side to this? Well, as with anything in life, there are always pluses and minuses to how it is used. Thinking about and believing negative things will also cause those negative things to manifest.

If in your heart of hearts you think that you might get fired soon, then it\'ll affect your performance and you will get fired! If you consider instead that you deserve a car or a house, and strongly believe in it, you will get a car soon enough.

Most people spend so many years in an unhappy state of mind that it is difficult for them to believe that they deserve good things and a change of circumstance.

Your subconscious ming might try to deny the effects of positive thinking, but the message of positive thoughts must be sent across to it.

For real success at cosmic ordering your subconscious mind needs to be prepared beforehand to accept that it is okay for you to change your life and receive everything you want.

It is not difficult to communicate with your subconscious mind. This can be done with simple affirmations, self hypnosis and meditation.

People have completely changed their lives using cosmic ordering. Isn\'t it time that you lived the life that you really want? Here is your chance, using cosmic ordering to enjoy a truly fulfilled life.

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