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Does Nutrition Make a Difference in Spiritual Health?

Different schools of thought offer us varying opinions on the right approach to self healing. Some believe that our challenges start on a spiritual or energy level, and that the body is only following the directive it is given. This is a valid viewpoint. Others feel that 'things happen', and that not everything that happens to us has some great spiritual message attached to it. Others feel that the body and the spirit are separate, and the issues of one are independent of the other.


All of these viewpoints are reasonable and valid to some degree. I think that if we step back and look at all these beliefs we will find a middle ground, or a happy medium. As a medical intuitive and clairvoyant counselor, I have seen many occasions when a spiritual or energy issue causes symptoms in the physical body. That is thought, emotion, or communication causing a reaction in the body. Does the ability to cause reaction go the other direction, from body to spirit?

The physical body is the vessel for spirit. Think of it as the vehicle, like your car. You may be able to drive that car for quite some time without maintenance, but how long will that last? Doesn't the quality of the gas and oil make a difference? Won’t that vehicle last longer, and perform better, when it's properly cared for? Think too about how you feel about that vehicle. When you have pride in your vehicle you will take better care of it, washing and waxing more often, and watching that maintenance schedule a little closer. So it is with our relationship between spirit and body.

Everything you have is interconnected. Everything you do is interconnected as well. When your diet includes nourishing, replenishing elements the body is happier, and more content. This translates to greater cooperation between body and spirit. The energies in the body are also able to rise to a level more closely attuned to the spiritual vibrations we choose. Those seeking integration between body, mind, and spirit will find greater ease in their meditation and self exploration by providing the tools the body needs.

Author Estee Taschereau is a Medical Intuitive and Clairvoyant Consultant in the Greater Seattle area. Individual reading sessions are available by phone.

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